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Natal Nourish won our #1 spot despite being one of the newest lactation support supplements on the market. Natal Nourish satisfied our ingredient criteria, and went above and beyond the typical lactation support formula and the typical natural health company.

First, Natal Nourish is a beautifully simple formula with six high quality herbs, designed to help boost milk supply. Along with our recommended ingredients, they added Red Raspberry Leaf and Anise Seed, both important to feminine health issues and known to support lactation. Additionally, they added Turmeric, the most studied natural ingredient in the natural health world with powerful anti-inflammatory and immune support properties.

Secondly, we were excited to learn about Natal Nourish's’s Xtrac-Tech process, which is a cold liquid extraction method that doesn’t use alcohol to create their extracts. Most of the liquid supplement manufacturers we’ve reviewed use a warm alcohol method, but we’re weary of applying heat to plants and herbs.

So how did it taste? To our surprise, it tasted quite good. It has an earthy flavor with a sweet after-taste. We didn’t have to plug our noses or follow it with water, we just pinched the dropper on the tongue and that was it. Hassle free, and easy to throw in your purse and take with you during the day.

The company has excellent customer support. They offer an unconditional money-back guarantee and 24-hour customer service (this is not cheap!) which shows they truly value their customers’ experience and believe in Natal Nourish’s formula.

Lastly, the product is manufactured in the United States at an FDA Registered facility. And with that said, Natal Nourish worked hard to earn our vote of confidence and our #1 spot.


Fenugreek Seed, Blessed Thistle, Anise Seed, Red Raspberry Leaf, Fennel, Turmeric.

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